Bob Schrijber

Bob Schrijber

Bekannt für: Acting · Geburtstag: 1965-03-03 · Geschlecht: Männlich · Geburtsort: Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Robert "Bob" Schrijber is a Dutch former mixed martial artist and kickboxer. He currently runs his own MMA and Muay Thai team in Krommenie, Netherlands called Sports Academy Schreiber. His most famous students at the moment are UFC fighter Stefan Struve, and professional wrestler Tom Budgen, currently wrestling for WWE under the name of Aleister Black. He is internationally known as Bob Schreiber because the Dutch vowel 'ij' is very uncommon in other languages. He holds the notable distinction of being one of the three fighters to lose to Melvin Manhoef by decision, the others being Jae-young Kim and Kent Kauppinen, and the first to defeat and knock Manhoef out in professional mixed martial arts competition, Manhoef's other 27 wins come by KO/TKO.

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Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round

Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round

Die Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round fand am 30. Januar 2000 im Tokyo Dome, Japan, statt. Die Pride Openweight-Turnier im Jahr 2000 begann.


1 Film
Pride 7

Pride 7

Die Pride 7 fand am 12. September 1999 in der Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan, statt.
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