We All Fall Down


Datum der Veröffentlichung: 24. September 1999

Status: Veröffentlicht

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In this dark independent drama, Michael (Darcy Belsher) is an out of work actor who has been trying to pull himself out of a downward spiral of drug abuse that set in after the death of his mother. Michael's best friend Kris (Martin Cummins) is, if anything, in even worse shape; a gifted artist, Kris' appetite for drugs has all but silenced his muse, and his girlfriend Ryan (Francoise Robertson) has little interest in helping him control his dangerous appetites. The drug-related death of a close friend and a bizarre experience with a junkie prostitute (Helen Shaver) convinces Michael that he needs to clean up once and for all, but Kris may be too far gone to save.


We All Fall Down is a 2000 Canadian drama film directed by Martin Cummins.The film stars Darcy Belsher as Michael, a young man whose life enters a downward spiral after the death of his mother. The film's cast also includes Helen Shaver, Françoise Robertson, Nicholas Campbell, René Auberjonois, Barry Pepper, Mike Dopud and Ryan Reynolds.Shaver won the Genie Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 21st Genie Awards.
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