Flower & Snake

Thriller · 

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 13. März 2004

Ursprünglicher Name: 花と蛇

Status: Veröffentlicht

Länge: 1h 55m

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The wealthy president of a company has built up an unpayable debt to a local crime lord, and to escape punishment he sells his famous dancer wife to the lecherous old man figuring a 90 year old can’t do too much bad with her. Perhaps not, but others can while he watches. She’s put on stage in an underground BDSM sex show and begins a spiraling decent from strongly independent woman to submissive sex slave

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Flower and Snake (花と蛇, Hana to hebi), released in 2004, is a Japanese film based on the 1974 movie Flower and Snake directed by Masaru Konuma and starring Naomi Tani. The earlier film, based on a novel by Oniroku Dan, was part of Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series. The 2004 version, directed by Takashi Ishii and starring Aya Sugimoto, has been described as marking a "watershed moment in the history of Japanese film censorship" with "some of the most extravagant scenes of sexual cruelty and graphic nudity to be passed off as mainstream entertainment in any part of the world."

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