Midsummer Madness


Datum der Veröffentlichung: 23. Januar 1921

Status: Veröffentlicht

LĂ€nge: 1h

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Because Bob Meredith (Jack Holt) spends all his time working, his wife Margaret (Lois Wilson) feels the romance has ebbed away from their marriage. One night, while Meredith is at the office, family friend Julian Osborn (Conrad Nagel) -- whose own spouse (Lila Lee) is out of town -takes Margaret to a dance. They wind up at a hunting lodge and begin to get carried away, but stop before things get out of hand. The pair agree to keep their encounter a secret, but unfortunately, they've been seen and word gets back to their spouses.


Midsummer Madness is a 1921 American silent drama film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and released by Paramount Pictures. It is based on the novel His Friend and His Wife by Cosmo Hamilton.The film was directed by William C. deMille, and stars Jack Holt, Conrad Nagel, Lois Wilson, and Lila Lee. It is the film debut of Ethel Wales. A copy of Midsummer Madness is preserved at the Library of Congress.
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