The Ritual [Propaganda Videozine: Volume 3]

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Datum der Veröffentlichung: 1. Januar 1994

Status: Veröffentlicht

Länge: 45m

The Ritual [Propaganda Videozine: Volume 3]

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Poor, beautiful Antinous, sacrificed so that his beloved Caesar might declare him a god, but the fate of his cult and his imperial admirer was one of ruin and despair. And what of the proud Diana and Hebe, champions of womankind, sworn to avenge the suffering of Mother Earth at the hands of a violent Sun. For as the god fell from the sky, the lovers were engulfed in the flames of his anguish. Yet, the willfulness of the pagan ceased not, for woe alsoe befell the black Adepts of swastika mysticism, who in their desire to purify the world in fire and blood were cast headlong into the eternal Abyss. Such is the course and consequences of THE RITUAL. Following this pignant and sensual mythos are music videos by the Gothic groups THIS ASCENSION, ROSETTA STONE, DEEP SIX, HUMAN DRAMA AND TRIO NOCTURNA. It is by their pale ghostly light that the darkest corridors of human thought and experience are explored and made known in sound and vision.

Besetzung und Crew.

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