Datum der Veröffentlichung: 28. Juni 1965

Status: Veröffentlicht

Länge: 20m

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A short experimental film about a person's struggles with coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity.

Besetzung und Crew.


Penis, also distributed under the name 1967, is a 1965 American experimental silent short film in black and white by A. J. Rose Jr. Long considered a lost film and believed to be a gay pornographic material, it was rediscovered in 2021 and subsequently uploaded to the Internet Archive. The film runs for around 20 minutes, and is highly experimental and surrealist, with dream-like sequences in which reviewers saw influences of works by Luis Buñuel, Maya Deren and Ingmar Bergman. The narrative is open to many interpretations, with people seeing stories of homosexuality and coming out, critique of Vietnam War and/or American military, and transgender (both transmasculine and transfeminine) readings. It is theorized that Penis may be one of the first gay films.
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