Datum der Ver├Âffentlichung:┬á17. April 1996

Status: Beendet

Staffeln: 1

Episoden: 6


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After spending eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit, the murder of his wife, John Madson has been released and wants revenge on the policeman that framed him, Det. Insp. Rourke. He meets Magda, a fiesty barrister, who is willing to help him exact his revenge legally and also gets him a job as an outside clerk in her chambers. As the wheels of justice grind slowly forward Madson starts to rebuild his life and feels the need to help other clients of Magda's that the law appears to be treating unfairly.

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Madson is a British television crime drama series, first broadcast on 17 April 1996, that ran for a total of six episodes on BBC1. The series starred Ian McShane as the title character who, sentenced on forged evidence to life imprisonment, gains a law degree in prison and overturns his conviction. Suddenly freed again after eight years inside, he uses his contacts to secure a position as an outdoor clerk with a top firm of City Solicitors.The series was produced by McShane's own production company, and was produced by McShane himself, under the guidance of executive producer Chris Parr. The series co-starred Joanna Kanska, Jayne Ashbourne, Matthew Marsh and Charles Gray. Each episode shows the inefficiencies of the law, solves a new crime or helps those whom the law has neglected. Filming on the series took place in West London between 23 August and 29 November 1995. Notably, the series has never been released on DVD.
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