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Tatjana Gsell

Tatjana Gsell

Conocido por: Acting · Cumpleaños: 1971-05-21 (49 años) · Género: Mujeres · Lugar de nacimiento: Ebern, Germany

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Ferfried of Hohenzollern (German: Ferfried Maximilian Pius Meinrad Maria Hubert Michael Justinus Prinz von Hohenzollern) (born 14 April 1943) is a member of the princely House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and former champion race car driver. He is also known as the "black sheep" of Hohenzollern after several divorces and alcoholism including binge drinking scandals.

Carrera profesional

In 1971 Ferfried won the second 24-hour race at Nürburgring in Germany with a BMW 1600 Alpina. After 36 years of absence from active racing, he raced again for the private racing team Racing live in 2007, again in a BMW.

Início de Vida

Ferfried is the youngest child and fourth son of Frederick, Prince of Hohenzollern and his wife Margarete Karola, daughter of the last Saxon king, Frederick Augustus III. The Swabian Hohenzollerns were elevated to princes in 1623 and ruled until 1849. Pope Pius XII was Ferfried's godfather.

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1 Serie de TV
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