Kiyoshi Itô

Kiyoshi Itô

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Itô was born in Hokusei-cho in Mie Prefecture on the main island of Honshū. He graduated with a B.S. (1938) and a Ph.D (1945) in Mathematics from the University of Tokyo. Between 1938 and 1945, Itô worked for the Japanese National Statistical Bureau, where he published two of his seminal works on probability and stochastic processes. After that he continued to develop his ideas on stochastic analysis with many important papers on the topic. In 1952, he became a Professor at the University of Kyoto where he remained until his retirement in 1979. Starting in the 1950s, Itô spent long periods of time outside Japan at Cornell, Stanford, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and Aarhus University in Denmark. Itô was awarded the inaugural Gauss Prize in 2006 by the International Mathematical Union for his lifetime achievements. As he was unable to travel to Madrid, his youngest daughter, Junko Itô received the Gauss Prize from the King of Spain on his behalf. Later, International Mathematics Union (IMU) President Sir John Ball personally presented the medal to Itô at a special ceremony held in Kyoto. In October 2008, Itô was honored with Japan's Order of Culture, and an awards ceremony for the Order of Culture was held at the Imperial Palace.Itô wrote in Japanese, Chinese, German, French and English. He died on November 10, 2008 in Kyoto, Japan at age 93.

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1 Película
Sleepy Eyes of Death 7: The Mask of the Princess

Sleepy Eyes of Death 7: The Mask of the Princess

La hija enmascarada del Shogun quiere matar a un samurai que ha visto su cara con cicatrices. Ella envía olas de guerreros ninja para matar a los samurai y tramas diabólicas esquemas / emboscadas sin ...


1 Película
Shinobi no Mono 2: Vengeance

Shinobi no Mono 2: Vengeance

Hubo un período cubierto. La película comienza con Nobunaga Oda montando al santuario de Iga Ayanokuni. Se le preguntó si destruyó a todos los ninja que estaban en su contra. Una persona trae agua. El...
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