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Jelynn Rodriguez

Jelynn Rodriguez

Conocido por: Acting · Cumpleaños: 1983-08-31 (37 años) · Género: Mujer

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Jelynn Rodriguez is a Filipino-American host of the American Sí TV show The Drop, as well as an actress, dancer and singer. She has worked in show business since she was a teenager attending Rancho Bernardo High School. On television, Jelynn was a host on the TV Guide Channel, and she appeared on CBS's pilot Three (2005). She also hosted the San Diego TV show, The Beat (2003-2004). She is still a host of The Drop which can be seen on Sí TV. In late 2005, Jelynn shot her first movie to be released sometime in 2007, Bar Starz. She plays Melanie, one of the leads in this movie about "the adventures of some seriously odd club denizens." Jelynn can be seen in the horror film Grizzly Park playing the character KiKi. Grizzly Park was released in Fall 2007. Jelynn is starring in a new Internet show called Engaged. She can be seen in an upcoming episode of NBC's hit drama Las Vegas.

Películas y Series de TV


1 Serie de TV


1 Serie de TV
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