Camilo Idrobo

Camilo Idrobo

Conocido por: Directing · Cumpleaños: 2003-09-08 (18 años) · Género: Hombre · Lugar de nacimiento: Quito - Ecuador

5 Películas

También conocido como: Gio Gibraltar


Many of Camilo's friends will recall how, in the first grade, he would bring his camera to class and record the eventualities of each day. From that early age, he found joy in the arts of every kind. In the third grade, for the school talent show, he decided to make a film that would splinter any and all expectations. Ever since, he has produced projects ranging from fun stop-motions on his favorite childhood characters to, recently, films relating in one way or another to his condition as a human being. A recognized, photographer, painter, filmmaker, writer, and performer; he lives and works in Quito, Ecuador. He hopes to pursue his career abroad soon.

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5 Películas
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