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Tantala Ray

Tantala Ray

Conocido Por: Acting

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Tantala Ray, a big-breasted strumpet was one of the most unique porn starlets of the 1970's, injecting her own special brand of sexual adventure into every scene she appeared in. Tantala Ray was a full figured woman of apparently Latin heritage, with a hard-charging attitude that often overwhelmed her partners. She was a truly wild woman in the sack, clawing and writhing around with the unleashed passion of an alley-cat in heat. Although Tantala Ray appeared in many porn movies of the '70's, it wasn't until 1982 that she made her hardcore debut in 'Cafe Flesh 1,' a classic sex vid set in a post-apocalyptic, sex-starved world. She appeared in over 35 features during the next eight years, often playing kinked-out older women or engaging in some sort of fetishistic sex. In fact, bondage and leather were Tantala Ray's real love, and whenever she could get in a little kink, her eyes lit up with a lusty fire that simply can't be faked. One of her favorite things to do was to tease and then please a compliant young man, dominating the scene with the air of a sexual predator. In 1990, she appeared with Tori Welles in "Out For Blood", where she played an aging vampire who still lusts after young blood. She retired in 1994. Fans of dominant older women will want to check out this luscious lady with the nasty and menacing glint in her eye. Tantala married Nick Random on 31 October 1986.

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