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Ivo Gregurević

Ivo Gregurević

Conocido por: Acting · Cumpleaños: 1952-10-07

70 Películas · 2 Serie de TV


Born in the village of Donja Mahala, Ivo was the child of Marko and Jela Gregurević. He graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, and has worked in over 90 movies and television programs since the late 1970s; in particular, he acted in almost all of Croatian movies after gaining independence in 1991. He also had few starring roles, best known being in 1991 film Čaruga. Croatian film director Snježana Tribuson has stated that she had intentionally cast Gregurević in almost all of her movies.Besides movie roles, he made the successful appearances in popular Croatian TV series, Velo misto, playing the Netjak, and Marko Kosmički in Odmori se, zaslužio si. He has won two Croatian Actors' Association Awards for Šokica (1998) and Duga mračna noć (2006). In 2005 he was ranked second in the Croatian-based film magazine Hollywood in the "Best Croatian Male Movie Stars of All Time" list.

Vida Personal

Gregurević had been in a relationship with Croatian actress Dubravka Ostojić, with whom he had a son Marko, born in 1978. Following their rupture, Gregurević reported he has been in a relationship with the actress Dolores Lambaša. Last years, Gregurević was in a relationship with, to media unknown woman, who works as an inspector in the Croatian Ministry of the Interior. Gregurević was found dead in his own home in Zagreb on 2 January 2019, but he died the day before, aged 66. He was buried at Karaula Cemetery in his hometown of Donja Mahala, on 8 January.

Películas y Series de TV

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