The Seventh Year


Fecha de Lanzamiento: 28 de febrero de 1969

Título original: Das siebente Jahr

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 22m

The Seventh Year

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Dr. Barbara Heim, a heart surgeon, and Gunter Heim, a well-known actor, have been married for seven years. They have a six-year-old daughter. Both partners are totally taken up by their work which is physically and mentally demanding. So there is little time left for family life and the strained relations worsen and finally plunge Barbara into a crisis - shortly before their seventh wedding anniversary. At this very point a child dies in hospital, prompting Barbara to ask herself in desperation if - and for how long she can put up with the double burden of career and family. On top of this, she notices that Gunter is starting to compare her to other women.


Das siebente Jahr (German pronunciation: [das ˌziːbn̩tə ˈjaːɐ̯]) is an East German film. It was released in 1968.
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