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Girl King

Comedia · 
Drama · 

Fecha de Lanzamiento: June 18, 2002

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 20m

Calificación de Contenido: NR

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Butch, a handsome, but naive baby butch, is compelled by the Queen to seek out and bring back her purlined "Koilos" the source of all pleasures and the key to order and harmony on her island. As an additional inducement, the Queen holds out to Butch, the promised return of the hostaged Claudia, a beautiful and feisty femme, who is not about to sit idly by awaiting rescue!. Under the Queen's wrathful gaze, tops are bottomed, tranny sailors seduce pirate Captains, Kings are Mothers and cross-dressing femmes pack a wallop

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