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قلب المرأه

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قلب المرأه


Khairiya is a wealthy girl engaged to her cousin Amin Al-Thara as well. Her family loses this wealth and the girl loses her fiancé, who refused to be paired with a bankrupt girl. She is shocked by charity when she finds her fiancé with another girl and another rich daughter. The family lives the life of the strugglers and the girl recognizes Fayez and is connected with him emotionally, which makes the whole family object to him to put his origin, despite his success in achieving wealth, but marry him because of the patience and ambition and already above the star of her husband and enriched return rich as she was, but her family still intervenes between them and do not agree On this marriage of the social difference between them, a sermon is being made on your brother of a charity of the sister of Fayez's sister.