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Fecha de Lanzamiento: January 28, 2007

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 58m


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Evangelist Målle Lindberg drew much attention in the 60's. Headlines told of ecstatic tent shows with a rock'n'roll spirit, alcohol, gambling and sin. He is the gypsy who was born on a trip between two horse markets in Sävsjö and Nässjö. He who grew up as a delinquent, found god after a longer prison stay, found God and became one of Sweden's most debated free church preachers as well as rock singer in the 60's. His tent meetings drew hundreds, he performed on Nalen and had Cliff Richard as an opening act. A women's favorite, he made big money for a few years, that disappeared as soon as they came and left a big debt at the tax office. Målle cracked under the media attention about him being a charlatan. Today he is again an accepted preacher, and according to himself, a prophet in the Pentecostal church. With diligent touring in his motor home, preaching in churches and selling tapes and records, he has become the revivalist movements own little pet and outsider.
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