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The Anooki, Our Amazing Odyssey

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Estado: Programada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 20m

The Anooki, Our Amazing Odyssey

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A strange rocket crashes in the distance. The Anooki go looking for it on their pack ice. Soon, they are separated. Anook meets animals that help her. She surfs to a beach and develops a life of quiet gatherer, fan of rain… Nooki survives by hunting. At the edge of a forest, he tames ants, makes fire and builds his house… When they meet again, their friendship is put to a severe test: drifting on a continent of garbage, Nooki takes over and becomes a despot. Anook composes but thinks no less. They finally find back their complicity. When they could manage to leave the Earth with the rocket, they decide to stay with their new animal friends. They don’t want a Planet B. For a new start...
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