The Fandom


Fecha de Lanzamiento: 3 de julio de 2020

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 29m

Calificación de Contenido: NR

Presupuesto: $32,125

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THE FANDOM dives headfirst in the imaginative world of “furries,” the often-misunderstood internet subculture of fans of the anthropomorphic arts. Using a bountiful collection of archival tapes and images, this documentary traces the evolution of the furry fandom from its roots in the 1970s to the expansive, international community it has become today. Join a host of charming characters (including the grandparents of the fandom itself) on this heart-warming journey through the decades; witness the many triumphs and challenges that shaped “furry” into the most unique fandom of all time.

Ésta Película Es Sobre.


The Fandom is a 2020 documentary film that focuses on the history of the furry fandom. Directed by Colorado Springs filmmakers Ash Kreis and Eric Risher, it was released digitally and on Blu-Ray on July 3, 2020. The film is Kreis' directorial debut.
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