Fen hong nü lang


Fecha de Lanzamiento: 30 de abril de 2003

Título original: 粉红女郎

Estado: Finalizado

Temporadas: 1

Episodios: 40

Fen hong nü lang

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  On this day, the kindergarten teacher "Wedding Mania" (played by Liu Ruying) has finally stepped on the red carpet of the wedding as she wished, but unexpectedly, at this critical moment, the groom Dabao has absconded with debts! Dabao's departure not only makes the "wedding maniac"'s dream of getting married come to naught and he has no face to go home to his parents, but he also takes away all the sponsorship for the "wedding fashion show" being held, which makes the planner in charge of the project This makes the planner in charge of the project, "Man Woman" (Zhang Yan), a target and a huge debt, and her best friend "Millionaire" (Chen Hao) is also involved in the fiasco in order to help her friend. At the same time, the mysterious young beauty "Tian Zhen Mei" (played by Xue Jia Ning) also joins their circle. The four girls have no peace in this debt dispute.
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