Fecha de Lanzamiento: 25 de noviembre de 2008

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 8m


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After learning of Gabriel his dismissal. Gbariel surprises his girlfriend in the arms of an other one. The world seems to collapse around him. This traumatizing situation reminds him his past of abandoned child. Sinking into depression, he finds the only photo of his childhood, representing he and his mother in front of a mountain. Conscious not to be able to advance without knowing his history, Gabriel leaves Paris behind him to leave in search of the sensations of this only souvenir. By arriving on the island of Lanzarote, his car falls out of order. Isolated and without excuse evident, Gabriel spends the night there. The next day, a strange man knocks on the window. This providential guide Invite to follow him. From there begins for Gabriel an initiatory journey through situations and unusual encounters which are gradually going to bring him to the purpose.

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