Smejko a Tanculienka - Všetko najlepšie!


Date de sortie: 28 octobre 2019

Status: Sorti

Durée: 1h 31m

Smejko a Tanculienka - Všetko najlepšie!

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Smejko and Tanculienka are in their turn the fifth film entitled Happy Birthday! they find themselves in the theater of the dreaded director Rakabas, where they have to show and play their best songs. However, this is not easy, because Rakabas does not make it easier for them at all. He even held the other actors into the cell, provided that if the show wasn't successful, he would close them. Smejko and Tanculienka will do everything in their power and in addition to the famous well-known hits, they will also play the latest songs such as Treadles, Sheikh Hoja, Gundululju, Fairy World and Wolf and Cat. You will find out how it will turn out and what surprise they will prepare to Rakabas in the jubilee fifth film Happy Birthday!

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Cast & Équipage.

Petra Kováčová

Petra Kováčová


Marek Kováč

Marek Kováč


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