Raffy Hdz

Raffy Hdz

Célèbre pour: Acting · Sexe: Hommes · Lieu de naissance: San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana.

2 Films

Alias: Rafael Antonio Perez Hernandez · Raffy Hdz Actor


Rafael Hernández, known in the musical medium as Raffy Hdz, is an Actor, Artist and Youtuber and content creator, He was born on April 12, 1994 in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic. He has gained recognition through his performances on YouTube, a platform where he has uploaded the best of his music. Name meaning of Raffy Hdz His artistic pseudonym was derived from his birth name. Childhood, Youth and Family Life by Raffy Hdz Raffy Hdz was raised and raised in his native country. From a humble family, he began to demonstrate his musical and artistic gifts from an early age. Raffy Hdz's Beginnings in Music In 2010 Raffy Hdz began working professionally as a producer and singer, building his recording studio just as he always dreamed of. Raffy Hdz Music Genre Raffy Hdz has been noted for his performances in various musical genres, including reggaeton, dembow, rap, hip hop and trap. Raffy Hdz's Path and Legacy His audience on YouTube has grown, at the time of this review he counted about thirty thousand subscribers, with more than two million accumulated views. On the other hand, his Instagram account has more than 1k followers, at the close of this publication. In more than ten years of artistic career, Raffy Hdz has worked with artists of national and international fame. He is currently dedicated one hundred percent to his artistic and musical career.

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2 Films
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