Naomi Wilson

Naomi Wilson

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Naomi Kate Wynn Wilson (born 27 January 1940) is a former teacher and Tanzanian-born Australian politician. Daughter of the second bishop of Central Tanganyika, William Wynn-Jones and Ruth L. Taylor and great grand daughter of former senator and Premier of Tasmania, Henry Dobson, she was a National Party member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1995 to 1998, representing the district of Mulgrave.Wilson entered state parliament at the 1995 state election by defeating incumbent Labor Party MP Warren Pitt for the seat of Mulgrave. When the National Party came to power under the leadership Rob Borbidge in February 1996, Wilson was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Families, Youth and Community Care. In February 1998 she won promotion to the ministry, becoming the Minister for Families, Youth and Community Care. Wilson held this position until her defeat the following June at the 1998 state election, where she finished in third place behind Labor's Warren Pitt and victorious One Nation candidate Charles Rappolt.When Rappolt retired prematurely in late 1998 Wilson stood as the endorsed National Party candidate for the Mulgrave by-election, losing narrowly to Labor's Warren Pitt. At the 2001 state election she stood as the National Party candidate in the neighbouring district Cairns and was defeated by incumbent Labor MP Desley Boyle.Wilson was born in Arusha, Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Prior to entering state politics she was a Mulgrave Shire councillor from 1991 to 1995.

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An Cailleach Bhéara

An Cailleach Bhéara

The Cailleach was dependent on this one thing... every hundred years she must get back to the water and immerse herself so that she might become young again.
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