Elliott Hanna

Elliott Hanna

Célèbre pour: Acting · Date de naissance: 2003-03-20 (18 ans) · Sexe: Hommes · Lieu de naissance: Liverpool, United Kingdom

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On July 17, 2013, 10-year-old Elliott Hanna (D.O.B. = 20-Mar-2003) became the 34th and youngest boy ever to play Billy Elliot on the London stage. He also became the 71st worldwide in the role. Elliott is from the home of the Beatles – Liverpool – where he has been dancing since the age of four, beginning with break dancing and gradually expanding his dance repertoire at Nazene Danielle’s Dance Dynamix. Before his involvement with BETM, Elliott attended St Cecilia’s Junior School in the Liverpool community of Tuebrook. Before his involvement with BETM, Elliott was well-known to television audiences in England having competed with his then dance partner, Tayluer Amos, in the popular Sky 1 show Got To Dance (Series 3). He and Tayluer placed second in that competition. Not a bad accomplishment for someone who was only eight-years-old at the time.

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1 Film
Billy Elliot: The Musical Live

Billy Elliot: The Musical Live

Billy Elliot the Musical est une comédie musicale basée sur un film. Le livre et les paroles sont de Lee Hall, qui a écrit le scénario du film. En juin de l'année dernière, il a été annoncé que la com...
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