Emiel van Moerkerken

Emiel van Moerkerken

Célèbre pour: Directing · Date de naissance: 1916-01-01 · Date de décès: 1995-01-01 (79 ans) · Sexe: Hommes

3 Films


The role of Emiel van Moerkerken in the history of Dutch photography is highly important but hard to sum up. In the 1960s, he made reportage-type photos for Dutch Salvation Army magazine Strijdkreet, while at the same time snapping provocative nudes for satirical magazine Gandalf. In the 1930s and ’40s, his work was mainly Surrealist in nature. He was fascinated by the relationship between perception and the subconscious, and between sexuality and imagination. He was one of the few photographers in the Netherlands to produce Surrealist work. In the 1930s, he was even in touch with the Surrealist artists surrounding André Breton in Paris. In addition to his Surrealist images, Emiel van Moerkerken also produced journalistic travel photos and worked as a filmmaker, film teacher, novelist and psychologist.

Films & Séries


1 Film


1 Film
Looks at the Zoo

Looks at the Zoo

As the start credits indicate, the film is a tentative edit of shots from 1936. After showing a car ride across the dunes and the fierce waves of the sea, this unfinished film shows the pleasure at th...


1 Film


Short experimental film in the form of a sonata, with the parts allegro, adagio and presto. The first part shows, apart from animated dominoes, musical instruments: the keyboard of a piano and a clari...
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