Utta Danella - Wachgeküsst


Date de sortie: 20 mai 2011

Status: Sorti

Durée: 1h 30m

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Marie, together with her mother Carla and grandma Ruth, runs a family-owned hotel on the Staffelsee. However, as Ruth fears that her granddaughter, who prefers to change her car tires rather than make herself beautiful in front of the mirror, gets drowsy at some point, she secretly makes a personal announcement in Marie's name. Without a photo of her beautiful granddaughter, nobody can even get married even in times of the internet. Ruth hires the professional photographer Niklas, who succeeds in the miracle: Marie is kissing awake. In the role of a modern Cinderella Mira Bartuschek discovers her femininity and Kai Schumann as her photographer the motif of his life.
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