Night of the Clown


Date de sortie: 13 août 1998

Status: Sorti

Durée: 1h 30m

Évaluation du contenu: NR

Budget: $20,000

/ 10
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What happens when a millionaire sells his company? MURDER! Todd is a savvy businessman with a golden touch. His company is worth so much money that others are willing to kill for it . . . even his brothers. Each of Todd's brothers envy him, but could one of them be the reason there are bodies piling up, or is it a mysterious clown roaming the area? Either way, Lisa and Todd are in for a surprise as the brothers start disappearing. Night of the Clown has been considered to be one of the strangest, wackiest, wildest slasher films ever made, with some of the most original and weirdest kill scenes depicted in a movie.

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