Fairfax's Millions

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Date de sortie: 13 juillet 1980

Nom original: Миллионы Ферфакса

Status: Sorti

Durée: 1h 22m

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As the classic rightly noted, it is customary to treat the diseases of wealthy people with respect. Only a heart transplant can save the dying life of a millionaire Ferfax. In search of a suitable donor for his best client, Dr. Jones makes a series of killings. But he still does not know what reward awaits him for the services rendered ...


The Fairfax Millions (Russian: Миллионы Ферфакса, romanized: Milliony Ferfaksa) is a 1980 Soviet crime film directed by Nikolai Ilinsky based on Alan Winnington's novel of the same name.
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