Sucedió en Sevilla

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Date de sortie: 17 janvier 1955

Status: Sorti

Durée: 1h 24m

Sucedió en Sevilla

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Don Fernando is a senior engineer of Sevilla for years as a partner had a friend working. But his partner died and his son, Albert, wants to take the management of the company and the farm, one of the most important of Seville, whose property also shared. Alberto secretly courting Esperanza, a daughter of Don Fernando. Juan Antonio, the son of the late foreman of the farm, is an honest young man who, in silence, also loves Esperanza. Both will vie for her love.

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It Happened in Seville (Spanish: Sucedió en Sevilla) is a 1955 Spanish musical film directed by José Gutiérrez Maesso and starring Juanita Reina, Rubén Rojo and Alfredo Mayo. It is a remake of the 1942 film The White Dove in which Reina had also starred. It was remade again in 1966 as Road to Rocío with Carmen Sevilla as the lead.The film's sets were designed by Enrique Alarcón.
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