Only the Brave

Romance · 

Release Date: March 7, 1930

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 6m

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Cooper is a Union Army officer who after being jilted by girlfriend, Virginia Bruce, volunteers on what could be a suicide mission. He volunteers to go behind enemy lines disguised in Confederate gray as a staff officer to Robert E. Lee. He's to ride to a certain plantation which is a local brigade headquarters and deliberately let himself by caught with maps showing false Union troop dispositions. Of course the penalty then as now is execution.

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Only the Brave is a 1930 American Pre-Code Civil War drama film directed by Frank Tuttle and starring Gary Cooper, Mary Brian, and Phillips Holmes.

Written by Agnes Brand Leahy, Edward E. Paramore Jr., Keene Thompson, and Richard H. Digges Jr., the film is about a Union Army captain who travels into Confederate territory as a spy with false dispatches hoping to mislead the Confederate forces. His mission is complicated when he falls in love with a southern woman who comes to his aid. Produced by Hector Turnbull for Paramount Pictures, Only the Brave was released on March 8, 1930 in the United States.

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