Curtis's Charm


Release Date: September 18, 1995

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 14m

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The film is based on a short story by Jim Carroll. A drug addicted man thinks that his wife's mother has cast evil spells on him. He met his friend Jim and asked him to help counteract her magic. Jim tries to reason with his friend, but when that fails, he decides to play along and make him a talisman. Jim gave him this charm by drawing a snake on a piece of paper. Is this the solution to Curtis's problems?

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Curtis's Charm is a Canadian comedy-drama film, released in 1995. The directorial debut of John L'Ecuyer, the film won a special jury citation for Best Canadian Feature Film at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival.Based on a short story by Jim Carroll, the film stars Maurice Dean Wint as Curtis, a paranoid drug addict who believes his mother-in-law has cast a voodoo spell on him, which has resulted in his being stalked by a killer squirrel. With the help of his friend Jim (Callum Keith Rennie), he tries to devise a talisman to protect him from the curse.

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