Damas do Prazer


Release Date: February 4, 1978

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 22m

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In the underworld of "Boca do Lixo" in São Paulo, a heterogeneous group of prostitutes turns an alley into a meeting point where customers are attracted. They are women who sell themselves to men of all classes. Surrounded by drunks, addicts, bandits, drug dealers and pimps, together they form a gallery of characters put together by affliction and disappointment. Cora, an older woman who works to support her paralytic son. Beth, kind of a leader, who had to prostitute herself at an early age after leaving her small country town. Sônia, the most intelligent of the group, who lets herself be exploited by a ruffian. Brigite, daughter of factory workers. Vera, who just started in the profession. In addition to the drama of these women, there are many others who give themselves daily to customers who ignore their fate

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