Doro Summer Breeze 2018


Release Date: August 17, 2018

Status: Released

Doro Summer Breeze 2018

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Doro Pesch was born in Düsseldorf on June 3, 1964. In 1982, she founded her heavy metal band Warlock. Their third album, True as Steel, received very good reviews and launched their career. Following the release of Warlock's fourth album, in 1987, Doro Pesch continued his career under the name of Doro, the name of Warlock no longer being exploited for rights reasons (rights that were recently attributed to him). In 2009, she wrote and performed the song "We are the Metalheads" for the 20th anniversary of the Wacken Open Air metal festival, which became the official anthem. She will return the following year to perform it with the Skyline group and other songs.

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