Dinotopia 3: The Election (2002)

December 19, 2002
Release Date

Dinotopia 3: The Election

Dinotopia 3: The Election (2002)

December 19, 2002
Release Date

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Ideas of progress turn the peaceful city into a congested metropolis. Could extinction follow? Not with the blessed event that occurs - the birth of a dinosaur, symbolizing Dinotopia's enduring civilization.

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Release Date
December 19, 2002


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Nevra Serezli (born 9 August 1944) is a Turkish film, stage, television and voice actress. Following her graduation from Robert College, she went on to study theatre. In 1965, she started working as a professional stage actress at the Dormen Theatre. Two years later, she appeared at the Ankara Art Theatre. Between 1971 and 1978, she performed in numerous plays with Altan Erbulak and Metin Serezli. In 1984, she registered with Devekuşu Kabare Tiyatrosu (Ostrich Cabaret Theatre) as an actress. She served at the Devekuşu Kabare until 1989. After reprising her duties at the Dormen Theatre in 1990, she joined the theatrical assembly called Tiyatro İstanbul. She gave lessons at the Language and Culture Centre (LCC).Whilst a student at American College for Girls, she was spotted by college coaches with her role in the musical My Fair Lady. She took lessons from Müşfik Kenter, Melih Cevdet, Haldun Taner and Haldun Dormen. At the age of 22, she played in Cengiz Han'ın Bisikleti at the Dormen Theatre. She participated in theatre festivals in Italy and England.Nevra Serezli's first film appearance was in the 1966 film Kara Tren and she went on to appear in the comedy films Ne Olacak Şimdi? (1979), Zübük (1980), Kılıbık (1983), Atla Gel Şaban (1984), Aşık Oldum (1985) and Şendul Şaban (1985).

She provided the Turkish voice of a character in the U.S. film Of Mice and Men. She has also starred in the films Unutulmayanlar (2006) and Senin Hikâyen (2013), amongst others. In 2015, she was cast as Peyker in Şebnem Burcuoğlu's adaptation of Kocan Kadar Konuş (2015).

Serezli's television work includes appearances in Ahududu (1974), Kavanozdaki Adam (1987), Sonradan Görmeler (1994–1996), Yerim Seni (1997), Vay Anam Vay (2001), Anne Babamla Evlensene (2005), Sevgili Dünürüm (2007), Altın Kızlar (2009), Başrolde Aşk (2011), Salih Kuşu (2013), Bebek İşi (2013) and Diğer Yarım (2014) before starring as Süreyya Üstün in the Star TV series Gönül İşleri in 2015.

She portrayed Dudu for five seasons in the Turkish television series Sihirli Annem from 2003 to 2011.

Nevra Serezli was married to the prominent actor Metin Serezli from 1968 until his death in 2013. Their son, Murat Serezli, is also an actor in Turkey.

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