Der Klosterjäger


Release Date: November 18, 1935

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 23m

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Knight Dietwald von Falkenau returns from his trip to see the Pope through Berchtesgaden to his cloister. He was unsuccessful in his mission to have the papal ban against his emperor lifted. The young Walti, who works in the cloister, jokes with the cloister' cook, Severin, because Dietwald's cold stare scared him. Severin rebukes him, saying that Dietwald has been carrying a heavy burden. Once, Dietwald had his own fortress. This, however, was destroyed during an attack and his wife killed. Since then, he has not seen his daughter again.

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The Monastery's Hunter (German: Der Klosterjäger) is a 1935 German historical drama film directed by Max Obal and starring Friedrich Ulmer, Paul Richter, and Josef Eichheim. It was based on an 1892 novel of the same title by Ludwig Ganghofer.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Carl Ludwig Kirmse and Hans Kuhnert.

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