Turbulencia zombi


Release Date: November 15, 2019

Status: Released

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The summer arrives in a small town of Mallorca, the school closes and most of its inhabitants go on holiday. The village is almost empty and the heat is terrible. With this atmosphere, Luis, the school janitor, gives him to read a script about zombies, which he himself wrote, to Juanito, a single forty years old who does not find his place in society. He is without work or future, and lives with his mother, who keeps the house with a small retirement of six hundred euros. With this panorama presents himself in the village Alfredo, the lost brother of Juanito, who flees from some thugs who want to settle accounts with him. Juanito offers Alfredo to make a film about zombies for Youtube and get out of the poverty they are in. Alfredo accepts so that he does not return to the city and begins, together with his brother, to involve people from the village to shoot the film.

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