The Smugglers


Release Date: July 6, 1916

Status: Released

The Smugglers

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While honeymooning in Paris, wealthy John Battleby Watts is persuaded to purchase a $20,000 necklace for his capricious young wife. When the jeweler refuses to accept his check, John heads to the bank for the necessary funds. En route, he passes a little shop specializing in imitation jewelry. Figuring his wife will never know the difference, he buys a cheap duplicate of the 20-grand bauble. Later on, however, he reconsiders and purchases the genuine article. But before he can reach his hotel, John is detained by saucy chorus girl Rita Bori, whom he presents with what he thinks is the imitation necklace.

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The Smugglers was 1916 American silent comedy film produced by Famous Players Film Company and distributed through Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Sidney Olcott and starred stage star Donald Brian in his second film. The film is now considered lost with only a fragment (part of reel 2) surviving at the Library of Congress.

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