Mirror Wars: Reflection One (2005)

1h 56m
Running time

September 1, 2005
Release Date

Mirror Wars: Reflection One (2005)

1h 56m
Running time

September 1, 2005
Release Date

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Mirror Wars: Reflection One is a post-cold-war thriller from the Russian point of view. Bad-guy British arms dealer Murdock (Malcolm McDowell) and numerous mercenaries and clandestine agents tries to steal a new Russian stealth fighter. Murdock is foiled by the hero, a patriotic Russian fighter-jet pilot who was recently branded a potential traitor because of his romantic fling with an alleged American ecologist. She was actually a shadowy intelligence operative before her untimely assassination in her lover's arms.

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Release Date
September 1, 2005

Original name
Зеркальные войны: Отражение первое


Running time
1h 56m



Mirror Wars: Reflection One (Russian: Зеркальные Войны: Отражение Первое) is a 2005 Russian crime action film directed by Vasili Chiginsky, based on a screenplay by Oleg Kapanets, Alex Kustanovich and Nicholas Waller. The film stars both Russian actors Alexander Efimov and Ksenia Alfyorova, along with other international stars: Malcolm McDowell, Armand Assante and Rutger Hauer, as an effort to court an international audience. The enigmatic title refers to the continuation of a mystery revolving around a top-secret Russian fighter aircraft.

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