Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse


Release Date: October 9, 1953

Status: Released

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse

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Once upon a time there was a young prince who wanted to fulfill his greatest wish: I marry a princess! One night it happened that there was a storm beating at the gate of the castle, and a princess stood before the king who opened. She was soaked to the skin, she did not look noble, but insisted on being a real princess. In order not to see her son again unhappy, the queen thought of a trick. She prepared the sleeping place for the young woman with mountains of mattresses and blankets, but laid on the ground a pea. In the morning the princess woke up and felt horribly crushed after all, she had slept all night on something hard Is the queen convinced to have found the real princess and future woman for her son?

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The film The Princess on the Pea is based on a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

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