Requiem No. 1


Release Date: January 1, 1969

Status: Released

Running time: 9m

Requiem No. 1

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“I was in Germany again because my father had died, and I was at his grave. Flashes of terror struck me for fractions of a second, which I immediately tried to forger. I wanted to film my state of mind, my thoughts, my relationship with my father now that he lay below. I wanted to live. Once I conceived the treatment, I shot the film in two days. I wanted the camera to go very the tripod...I was zooming rapidly and running around the cemetery. I wanted the gravestones to disappear and dance...and I wanted to stay out of there, myself. I began to understand that if you want to interpret feelings you have to look for and create filmic images beyond simple photographing. I used the sounds of the graveyard and sometimes no sound.” (Paul Winkler)

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