Musafir Kelana

Drama · 

Release Date: September 29, 1953

Status: Released

Musafir Kelana

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Gurda is a wandering traveler, his life is very miserable and forever in sorrow. Fortunately there are also friends who are Duati, Bonto, Binti who always cheer him up. Gurda promised his friends that he would leave the traveler's job and ask her brother's help, was a merchant, but they did not get help. Then the Gurda makes another living by looking for firewood in the forest to sell and the results are used to feed his friends who become travelers. It is known that the Chajali king, by the regulation of the Great Minister and the Truna Commander, was prohibited from looking for firewood. Meanwhile, a young merchant accompanied by Gurda and Hadam went to propose Princess Aziza, who turned out to be the daughter of Minister Trenggana. Gurda later found out if Princess Aziza was Duati, his lovers. With a variety of ideas, Gurda can cancel the marriage of her brother with Princess Aziza.

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