The Face at the Window


Release Date: May 10, 1910

Status: Released

Running time: 14m

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Like his father before him, Ralph is admitted to the Graduate Club upon completing his studies at the university. He is presented with a commemorative stein to mark the occasion. Ralph meets an artist’s model, marries her over his father’s objections, and is disowned by the old man. Eventually, he becomes a drunkard and deserts his wife and their baby, who is taken in by Ralph’s father when the young mother dies. The grandson is raised with the same advantages as his father, graduates from the same university, and is admitted to the same club. During the festivities, Ralph stumbles by the club, is seen through the window by his son and his friends, and is brought inside. He attempts to drink from his old stein, but is shoved aside by the boy, who does not know him. The old man enters and recognizes Ralph. All three are reconciled as Ralph dies.

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The Face at the Window is a 1910 American silent short film directed by D. W. Griffith. The film was produced and distributed by Biograph Company.

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