Un chapuzas en casa


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Un chapuzas en casa

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TV series (1991-1999). 8 seasons. 204 episodes. Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is a manitas who presents a DIY program on television entitled "Tool Time". Traversed with multiple tools, for Tim each task is a way to reaffirm his masculinity. His wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) knows him well: she may be a manic on television, but she prefers to keep him away from domestic breakdowns. Jill is mother of three children, Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark (Taran Smith), and knows how to handle them. Although Tim and Jill love each other a lot, among them there is a communication problem. Every time Tim is confused, she resorts to her eccentric neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman) to ask for advice. Wilson is his confessor, his guru, a real well of wisdom about life.

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