The Green March


Release Date: January 1, 2002

Original name: La Marcha Verde

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 31m

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In 1975, while Franco was dying, the Prince, Head of State in office, was involved in a difficult problem: Hassan II, in the face of the imminent death of the dictator, organized the "green march" on the Spanish Sahara, which put the Army in a very delicate situation: Morocco had not declared war on Spain, so there was no need to confront any enemy army. What was done was passively attending the invasion of the Spanish colony by large masses of Moroccans. In this context, someone from the Ministry of Information and Tourism thought to send to the Sahara a company of musical magazines, that of Gloria del Toro, already a very fallen layer, to raise the morale of the troops. (FILMAFFINITY)

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The Green March is a Spanish film directed by José Luis García Sánchez.

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