Phantasmagoria of the Interior


Release Date: April 20, 2015

Status: Released

Running time: 14m

Phantasmagoria of the Interior

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There is an audiovisual essay devoted to the film The Strange Case of Dr. by Walerian Borowczyk. Miss Osbourne and Jeyll are related. Utilising the materials of the complete, restored version of the film, and its French language soundtrack, the film offers a new way of looking at and understanding Borowczyk's intensely cinematic art. Early in Borowczyk's film, a painting by Vermeer of a pregnant woman is introduced and reappears at key moments. The painting's content, style, and historical background, as well as the mingling of sexuality with violence and the association of men and women with open and closed spaces, are explored in the film. The film argues that Borowczyk's adaptation of the story of Jekyll and Hyde is a free adaptation and that it emphasizes the role of the free-spirited Lucy Osbourne.

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