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Release Date: October 29, 2003

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 35m

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Jamie Gilliam is a bright young rising star with Castlefield City, a first division club on the verge of promotion to the premiership. When lapdancing student Sharon goes out to a club with friends she bumps into him and ends up going back to his place. She wakes up the next day feeling ill and not being able to remember how she got naked in his bed. When she later goes to the police charging rape no-one believes her and the club settles with her privately to keep her quiet. But is Jamie as clean cut as he appears?

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Gifted is a one-off British drama thriller television film, written and devised by Kay Mellor, that first broadcast on ITV on 29 October 2003. Starring Kenny Doughty, Claire Goose and Christine Tremarco, the film follows top-flight footballer Jamie Gilliam (Doughty), who is accused of rape by Sharon Harrison (Tremarco), a part-time lap dancer. When Gilliam strongly denies the accusations made against him, Harrison drops the case following intense scrutiny from the press, leading her best friend, Maxine Norris (Goose), to look deeper into the case.The film was produced by Rollem Productions, and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. 6.19 million viewers tuned in for the initial broadcast. Gifted was released on DVD via IMC Vision on 7 February 2005.


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