La Femme coquelicot

Romance · 

Release Date: September 15, 2005

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 28m

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A beautiful seven-year-old walks in a park. She looks at those who surround her with the distance of age, living in the memory of her late husband. If she is the mother of two loving children and a filled grandmother, she has never been a flourishing woman, confined to the home with a hard and taciturn man. Yet she has always fought against melancholy and has so well as poorly organized her existence around small rituals.. So her daily lime-mind that she drinks in the afternoon to the "Three Guns" by making crosswords. She soon noticed a man of her age, sitting alone at a table, in front of a café. They exchanged eyes, he smiled at him, rendezvous was taken.. Martha suddenly found a long forgotten desire to live.. Her children were surprised by his metamorphosis. Because she had only Felix in mind. Painter, fanciful and cheerful, he is at the opposite of his husband.

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