Unnatural Selection


Release Date: March 3, 2007

Original name: Неестественный отбор

Status: Released

Running time: 26m

Unnatural Selection

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In 1992, during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, the famous Sukhumi Monkey Nursery found itself in the epicenter of military events. The fighting took place not only on the neighboring streets of Sukhumi, but also directly on the territory of the nursery. Some of the monkeys were transported by the staff to Russia to the institute's branch in Adler. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save all the primates. Hundreds of monkeys died, unable to endure cold, hunger, stress... The story of the monkey nursery from Sukhumi is not only another drama of the collision of the human world and the natural world. This is a fairly accurate reflection of what is happening to the human community itself in the so-called "hot spots".

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