Silvia e l'amore


Release Date: August 29, 1968

Status: Released

Silvia e l'amore

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The film begins with a "new" vision of the woman: the woman in sport (always stronger and more athletic), the woman in advertising, in cinema, in politics, in society.. This underlines how, arrived at the year of the contest, things are really changing and, this new social reality, it is around the history of the two protagonists of the film: Silvia and Pierre. who live the most significant moments of their life together: the engagement, their love relationships, the very recent birth of their two twin children. All dropped in the Italian climate of 1968. Pierre makes the photoreporter, Silvia makes the hospital worker in the field of obstetrics. The film, in a cinema-documentaristic way, therefore, faces the facets of love and sexuality: courtship and love life; sexual discoveries, independence, virginity and feminism; the change of the relationship between man and woman; conception of children and risks related to parenthood.

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